ETHDOX is a token branched off of the original DOXED. The purpose of ETHdox is to be a burn supplement for Doxed. 1% of all transactions will go to buying and burning doxed on BSC.

  • Private sale for Doxed holders only to raise liquidity for ETHDOX Launch
  • Private Sale Starts at 7:30 PM EST on April 8th and ends on April 12th at 3 pm EST
  • Must be present in Telegram to participate in Private sale. No other platform will be acknowledged.
  • 30% of the Total supply in the Private Sale ( If supply is bought the private sale will end)
  • Liquidity Wallet Address is: 0x56b335Fa58D677Bef9fb2C772f8C009c3053c37b Do not send any ETH without confirming with @Doxeddev first in Telegram. *He will not DM you first*
  • 0.1 ETH Minimum buy 3 ETH Max buy
  • 30% of the Total supply in the Private Sale ( If supply is bought the private sale will end)
  • The number of tokens distributed will determine on the amount of liquidity raised
  • Tokens will be Vested. 30% will be given the day before launch to the private sale buyers, The remaining 70% will be given out 5 days after launch.
  • There will be a 40% sell tax for 24 hours from the start of the Launch. After the 24 hours, the tax will go back down to 10%
  • ETHdox launches on April 16th on Uniswap (time is TBD)
  • There is a total supply of 1 billion tokens 85% going into liquidity
  • 15% in reserve for future CEX listings
  • 4% rewards – in ETH
  • 1% buy and burn
  • 2% liquidity
  • 3% Dev wallet (1% going to buy back and burning Doxed BSC)
  • Max wallet of 2%
  • Cooldown time implemented (will be announced right before launch)
  • 100% liquidity contribution on first 5 block confirmations
  • No taxes on wallet to wallet transfers

Our Team

Brandon Hoffman

Owner / Developer / CEO
[email protected]

Neil Schmidt

Ambassador / COO
[email protected]

Jude Gil

Marketing Lead
[email protected]

Corbin Johnson

Community Mod
[email protected]

Tim Keane

Community Mod
[email protected]

Troy King

Community Mod
[email protected]